By Carey & Aylward, DDS, PC
March 24, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

Renew your smile with teeth whitening. The professional whitening treatments available through our dental office deliver dramatic results faster than other methods. Additionally, the results of professional teeth whitening can last for several years before touch-ups are needed. Dr. Dennis Aylward, Dr. Brent Carey, and Dr. Allison Carey, the skilled dentists at Carey & Aylward, DDS in Westland, MI, offer both in-office and take-home professional teeth whitening treatments.

In-Office Whitening

The fastest way to whiten your smile is with in-office professional whitening. It only takes about one hour to achieve maximum results. At the end of your treatment session, teeth will be anywhere from three to eight shades whiter. Plus, not only will your teeth be whiter and brighter immediately after treatment, the results of professional in-office whitening can last for years.

In addition to being the fastest way to whiten your smile, in-office whitening performed by trained and experienced dental professionals is also the safest way to whiten teeth. During treatment, measures are taken to protect sensitive areas, such as the gums and tooth-roots. These areas can become irritated by the bleaching agent in the whitening solution so a protective barrier is used to prevent contact with the whitening gel. This is not necessarily possible with over-the-counter products or whitening services offered outside a dental office.

During treatment, a professional-strength hydrogen peroxide whitening gel is carefully applied to the teeth. The gel is left on for about one hour, during which time it penetrates tooth enamel to target stains and discolorations. The gel is then cleaned off the teeth and you will instantly notice a significantly whiter smile. The dentists at our office Westland, MI, can help you decide if in-office whitening is the best option for you.

Take-Home Whitening

A professional custom take-home whitening kit is a convenient alternative when you are unable to do in-office whitening. A mold is taken of your teeth and used to create two custom mouth trays to be used for whitening at home. Whenever you are ready to whiten, all you need to do is add the professional whitening gel included in your kit to the custom trays. The trays should be worn for about one hour each time. As you repeat the process several times over a few weeks, your teeth will become whiter and brighter.

If you are ready to renew your smile, professional teeth whitening is a great way to do so. The knowledgeable dentists at our office in Westland, MI, can help you decide between in-office and take-home whitening. Both options deliver professional results. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Aylward or Drs. Brent or Allison Carey, call Carey & Aylward, DDS at (734) 425-9130.