"Universal Precautions"
We use extensive protective measures with every patient to prevent the transmission of the viruses that cause infectious diseases. You can feel assured that everything is being done to meet and exceed all government guidelines for protecting you and your family members in this office. These infection control measures include:

  • wearing gloves, masks and protective eyewear;
  • washing hands before and after each treatment;
  • changing gloves after each patient;
  • sterilizing dental instruments and high-speed handpieces after each use;
  • cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces in the treatment room and equipment after each patient;
  • disposing of needles and other sharp items in special containers; and
  • disposing of waste items and contaminated material properly.

Some of these precautions are readily visible to you during a dental visit: the general cleanliness of the office, the use of masks and gloves, special waste containers and our frequent hand washing. Other precautions, such as sterilization and disinfection, are performed before your visit.