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By Carey & Aylward, DDS, PC
April 26, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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Do you need to see a dentist?

When was the last time you visited the dentist? Biannual checkups will keep your smile in check. Of course, there are pressing dental situations in which you will certainly want to turn to your Westland, MI, dentists sooner rather than later. Is it time to call us? It might be if:

You develop a toothache

A toothache can be downright miserable and can be a sign of a problem such as decay, damage, or an infection. It’s important that you don’t just take a “wait and see” approach to a toothache as this can lead to more serious issues. A toothache will not go away on its own because teeth cannot heal themselves. This is considered a dental emergency so it’s important to give your Westland, MI, family dentists a call right away for same-day care.

You sustain an injury

Whether you have bitten your cheek pretty badly or you were hit in the face with a ball and your tooth is loose, it’s also important to see a dental professional right away if you experience trauma or injury to the mouth. The sooner these issues are treated the better.

Your gums hurt or swell

Gum disease is more common than you might think. In fact, about half of all American adults have some degree of gum disease, according to the CDC. It’s important to catch gum disease during the early stages when it can be reversed and won’t cause significant damage. Early warning signs include gum bleeding, tenderness, swelling, and redness. Dealing with these symptoms? It’s time to come in for an evaluation.

You have headaches and jaw pain

These days more and more people are experiencing TMJ disorder-related jaw pain due to stress. If you find yourself waking up with headaches, neck pain, or achy jaws that pop when opening and closing your mouth then you could be dealing with a TMJ disorder. While this condition may go away on its own if you are having challenges with your symptoms our dental team can certainly help.

Routine checkups with your Westland, MI, family dentists twice a year are inexpensive and can save you from needing invasive dental treatments and procedures in the future. If you’re dealing with any of the issues above, call Carey & Aylward Family Dentistry at (734) 425-9130 and we will schedule an appointment for you.

By Carey & Aylward, DDS, PC
November 20, 2014
Category: Dental Procedures
If you have severely damaged teeth or tooth loss, you’re probably searching for a solution. If removable options like dentures just don’t sound like something you’re looking for, then it’s time to consider your fixed prosthetic options in Westlake, like crowns and bridges. Unlike dentures, both crowns and bridges are cemented onto natural teeth or implants to repair your smile.

What is a crown?

Sometimes referred to as a “cap”, a crown is a tooth-like cover that goes over the top part of your tooth to restore function and improve aesthetics. Both porcelain and ceramic crowns are matched to the rest of your teeth to give you a natural-looking smile.

What are dental bridges?

Dental BridgeIf you are missing one or moreteeth, your Westlake dentist may recommend getting a dental bridge. Just as the name suggests, this oral device bridges the gap that is left by a missing tooth. The bridge is cemented either to your real teeth or the implants that are adjacent to the gap. These neighboring teeth act as an anchor for the bridge. A dental crown is also attached to the middle of the bridge to take the place of the missing tooth.

When may I need a crown?

There are several factors that could lead your Westlake dentist to recommend getting a dental crown:
  • Dental CrownTo protect a weakened tooth
  • To hide severely misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Repair a dental fracture
  • To use in a dental bridge
  • To go on top of a dental implant
  • To cover a tooth after root canal therapy

What should I expect when getting my dental crown and bridge?

Before these prosthetics are cemented, your teeth need to be reduced so that they can properly go over your smile. After we reduce the size of your tooth or teeth, we will then take impressions of your smile to create a mold from which to create your crown or bridge.
Then a dental lab will fabricate your device based on our specifications. In the mean time we will fit you with a temporary crown or bridge until you can get your permanent one. Once your crown or bridge is ready, we will remove the temporary one and replace it with the new one.

Call Carey & Aylward, DDS, PC Today!

If you’re tired of unsightly stains or if your Westlake dentist has recommended root canal therapy, then it’s time to consider how a dental crown could improve your smile. Call us today to find out more or to schedule your next appointment.