We have become increasingly aware of the need for quality mouth protection for participants during athletic events.  Although mouthguards have been shown to be effective for more than 30 years, mouth protectors are not required equipment form most sports.  We feel mouthguards should be worn during an athletic event where a blow could occur to the head area.  The cushion effect of the material helps to prevent soft tissue damage, traumatic injury (including concussion) and bone fractures.

Mouthguards typically found in sporting goods stores do not fit as accurately as custom fabricated types.  They often go unworn because they are uncomfortable and frequently interfere with breathing and speaking.

If you or a family member is active in sports, we have good news for you!  We will construct a custom fitted mouthguard at no charge for patients of record and charge a nominal fee of $10 for non patients.  We are able to fabricate the mouthguards in our lab after the impression is taken.  Please call for an appointment if you are interested.

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